A natural stone sink will bring elegance and personality to your kitchen, besides being resistant and durable!

GLC Stone Granite & Marble works with efficiency and quality to transform your common kitchen into a luxurious one. Our services are done with the most resistant, best materials on the market. Schedule an estimate below!

How it works

If you’re looking for a sink, you should give natural stone sinks a chance. This type of sink is perfect for you not to worry about stains and scratches anymore. We can offer granite, marble, quartz, or quartzite sinks for you; any of those natural stones will give a new appearance to your kitchen.

Benefits of having natural stone skins

See some advantages below:

Classic and Unique Design

These sinks are admired for the beautiful spots, swirls, and “veins” in their design. You’ll never find two identical natural stone sinks. So, if you love exclusivity and classic styles, you’ll love our sinks due to their elegance and singularity.


It’s easy to match your house decoration with our sinks due to their versatile design. You can create elegant contrasts between countertop and sink. Just imagine a black granite countertop combined with a granite sink in the same color.


Natural stone sinks are sturdy and durable. They never dent or rust! Our sinks are almost indestructible in daily usage.

Resistance to Heat

These sinks are incredibly resistant to heat and severe temperatures.

Improve your house with high quality materials and qualified peofessionals!

Here are 4 reasons for you to improve your house with na natural stones:

Raise your property value and its curb appeal

Eco-friendly option

Interesting shapes and colors

Low maintenance required

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We are GLC Stone Granite & Marble. During the last 5 years we have already satisfied more than 150 clients; our services value honesty, respect, agility, and efficiency.

We want to deliver to our clients the best options for them to make their houses more elegant, resistant, and beautiful, that’s why eco-friendly options are among our services.
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