We specialize in marble, granite, quartz and other natural stone types for countertops!

When looking for stone countertop installation services, choose those who have been delivering agility, excellence, quality and fair price for over 5 years!

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How it works

We offer a wide range of natural stone types to provide more durability, resistance, elegance, and modernity to your house! GLC Stone Granite & Marble offers high quality fabrication and precise installation of beautiful custom granites. We work with every client individually to offer them custom solutions, such as border and backsplash options, and much more to be chosen after selecting an option of granite or marble.

Get to know the types of stone that we work with


Besides being beautiful, this natural stone is perfect for being the centerpiece of a beautiful custom kitchen. It’s durable and resistant to stand scratches and sudden temperature changes!


This one is a classic option among house owners. It’s extremely resistant and durable. Each marble slab is unique, made the way you want and for you!


These natural stones are highly requested because besides being attractive, they don’t crack like the others. Quartz isn’t porous, which is good for cleaning and means you won’t have problems with bacteria or viruses.


This one is a great option for countertop designs due to its durability and beauty. Quartzite is also requested because it looks like marble, but it’s more resistant. However, it still demands proper care.

We offer resistance, elegance, and, modernity to your house!

Our services

Countertop for inside and outside areas

We bring elegance and modernity to your countertop, as well as resistance and durability. Choose your favorite natural stone to make your house more beautiful!

Vanity tops

This is the perfect option to make your bathroom complete with a beautiful, elegant, and resistant vanity top! Enjoy the bathroom you always wanted to!


Install an elegant, cozy fireplace in your home! The natural stones will protect your fireplace and improve its lifespan.

Solid surface

This is a great option to get a beautiful natural stone island for your kitchen. It’s very useful and gives a touch of elegance, modernity, and beauty to your space.

Sink Installation

Natural stone sinks can innovate the visual of your house with elegance and modernity. They are also resistant to stains, cracks and scratches.

Improve your house with high quality materials and qualified peofessionals!

Here are 4 reasons for you to improve your house with na natural stones:

Raise your property value and its curb appeal

Eco-friendly option

Interesting shapes and colors

Low maintenance required

About us

We are GLC Stone Granite & Marble. During the last 5 years we have already satisfied more than 150 clients; our services value honesty, respect, agility, and efficiency.

We want to deliver to our clients the best options for them to make their houses more elegant, resistant, and beautiful, that’s why eco-friendly options are among our services.
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