As with indoor kitchens, outdoor countertops can be made of materials like granite, quartzite, marble... While all countertops require regular maintenance and cleaning, each outdoor kitchen countertop material has pros and cons that will need to be considered when making your selection.


Granite is one of the easiest and most attractive materials for an outdoor kitchen countertop. It performs well in the heat, although darker colors will certainly be hotter to the touch. It can also be sealed to protect it against stains and mold. You can even reseal it periodically to ensure that it lasts you a long time. Granite is available in many colors and styles to suit any aesthetic and should not fade in the sun. The main drawbacks of a granite countertop are the higher cost and the maintenance, as resealing it is highly recommended.


Quartz is a man-made material that is a popular choice for indoor countertops, but it does not hold up well in the outdoors. The resin can turn yellow over time when exposed to the outdoor elements. An alternative, called quartzite, is an option, as it is like granite and looks just like marble without the drawbacks of quartz. As such, it will not fade or discolor in the sun. However, it can stain, and it cannot withstand high temperatures, so you will need extra protection when placing hot pots and pans on the countertop surface. You can also seal quartzite to maintain its durability.


Marble is typically suited for the indoors only, although it can work for an outdoor kitchen. If it is exposed to the outdoor elements, it will need to be sealed regularly, as the finish will wear away over time. If you want to use a marble countertop but do not want the maintenance, the stains will easily be washed away by the rain. It is a durable stone, so limiting your maintenance will still leave a workable and attractive, albeit weathered, countertop surface.
We recommend choosing outdoor countertops that suit your particular lifestyle. Most countertop materials remain durable with regular maintenance. For the best results, choose outdoor kitchen countertops that have the following features:

• UV resistance for color stability outdoors
• Exceptional strength
• High resistance to impacts, scratches, and abrasions
• Non-porosity – requiring no maintenance


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