Quartzite is a great option to replace marble, since they look so similar. This material is also perfect for countertops due to its durability and beauty.


Quartzite is celebrated for its qualities of hardness, durability, and acid resistance.


Quartzite is a natural stone with properties similar to granite, including hardness and durability. The peculiarities of this stone’s formation make it highly resistant to heat and water, meaning it will remain damage-free for a long time. Additionally, it has a high resistance to the acids that cause etching.

If you have sealed your quartzite countertop, it will be easy to clean and maintain. Use mild dishwashing soap and warm water to clean spills and you’ll get a spotless countertop ready to use. Avoid chemical-based cleaners as these can damage the sealant.

Are you planning to build an outdoor kitchen? Does your kitchen get a lot of natural light? Quartzite countertops are UV resistant so won’t fade or darken when exposed to direct sunlight.

Quartzite has a unique colour palette that makes it versatile and attractive. It usually varies between white and grey, but there are many colour variations in earthy tones depending on the rock’s mineral content. That’s why it’s a popular choice for minimalist, industrial and rustic-style kitchens.
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